Sympathy Hotel provides a raft of deals and discounts to families and children.
Learn about a Family’s typical day at the hotel!

8 am
The day kicks off with a rich breakfast with mum and dad!
I prefer chocolate croissants while they have a toast and coffee

9 am
At the beach I have a chance to meet my peers of Sympathy Hotel, the entertainers who make us laugh and dance all together!

10 am
Lifesaver, armrests and finally a dip all together!

12.30 pm
I’m so hungry! I can’t wait to sample the food the chef prepared for me...all my favorite dishes

I’m done already! Mum, dad, take yor time and enjoy your lunch, then take a nap or gofor a walk...I’m going to the Mini Club to play with the entertainers

3.30 pm
When I’m on vacation, I never get tired! After 2 hours since lunchtime, I can go to the pool and play between a slide and games arranged by the entertainer. By Mom!!!
4 pm
Judging from my fingers, it’s time to get out of the water...Ok ok let’s have a table football match!

6 pm
Uff...I don’t want to go up to my room! Let me still play with my friends!!!
Okay...but only because I can’t wait to restart playing after dinner...

8 pm
How good a cutlet at Sympathy Hotel is! Now I get why families with kids come here to spend summer!
I’m done with dinner...let’s go to play!

9 pm
Tonight, I’ll be enjoying an evening with candyfloss, several games even with Minnie and Mickey Mouse!
Mum and dud also take part in and sing at the karaoke.
Ahhh...family holidays in Rimini are so nice...I will never forget!
And me and my friends agreed that we’ll meet again next year...
Sympathy Hotel is designed for Families wishing to enjoy their vacation in Rimini within a fully relaxing atmosphere without waiving on fun and establishes itself as an ideal solution for both families with children and older sons

From the fenced and shaded garden to the sun-drenched pool, spaces are designed for them to have fun in the utmost safety. Marilena is the mother of four sons and Chiara has two daughters which is why they are both well aware of how important safety to children to fully relaxing while on holiday.
Sympathy also provides other advantages to welcome families offering discounts for the main theme parks along the coast and family deals with convenient rebates for children’s stays.

These deals are also valid for all-inclusive stays, offers including rooms ensuited with air conditioning, sun umbrella and private sunbeds with entertainment and children’s games, full board, family services and Jacuzzi at a special rate.
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