One of the few Restaurants of Rimini serving breakfasts,lunches and dinners on a Buffet. Gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian menus are provided as well!

One of Sympathy Hotel’s flagships is its buffet cuisine where guests will never have to wait or line up!
The buffet is our proud, one of the reasons why many choose us, loved by worldwide travellers, hearty eaters and all who want to taste everything  and always go for seconds (trust us, it’ll happen more than once!).
Romagna’s tradition never fades when it comes to lunches or dinners as fresh and tasteful courses to be discovered are served.
The day kicks off on a high note with a rich breakfast, coffee or cappuccino with fresh milk, hot chocolate and barley! A selection of tasteful croissants, freshly baked tarts, pancakes, cereals, biscuits, yoghurts, fruit jams and chocolate, slices of warm bread, zwieback, bread with cereals, seeds of various kinds, ricotta, fontina, sausages, bacon, cooked ham, boiled or fried eggs, omelettes, seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables.
Taste and quality at Sympathy Hotel are of primary importance!!
Read the reviews if you’re still uncertain, our fame is the best guarantee we have!
Sympathy Hotel’s theme evenings:
Fisherman Dinner
Romagna-style Dinner

Main Courses

Tagliatelle, Ravioli, Tortellini, Passatelli, Maltagliati, Potato Gnocchi, Strozzapreti, Ricotta Gnocchi, Baked Lasagnas. All pastries are hand-kneaded and rolled out with a rolling pin by our grandmother Franca as tradition has it in Romagna. Alos, we provide all our recipes with durum wheat semolina pasta "De Cecco".


Risottos for all tastes are proposes to all who love cereals.


 Entirely of Italian origin, it comes from the best local stockbreeders.


 Our hotel’s piece de resistance is the ever-fresh fish including: San Pietro, Calamari, Sole, Seabass, Codfish, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Mackerel, Sardines, Mussels, Grouper, Prawns, Turbot and much more. All Wednesdays, the Great Seafood Platter and the Fisherman’s Evening.


Wholly homemade by our cooking staff, fruit cakes, mascarpone, crema and panna cotta, trifle, Catalan cream, pies, sponge cakes, ricotta cakes, wine cakes, Grandmother’s cake and much more.

Food Intolerances

 Sympathy Hotel also takes care of all who must pay particular attention: we cook dedicated menus suitable for our guests suffering from any type of intolerance including those who cannot eat gluten. From main to second courses and to desserts, we will be cooking products dedicated to visitors suffering from food intolerances.

Menus Vegetarian and Vegan

 Dishes Vegetarian dishes are available to everyone at our supper buffet.
Our vegan guests might benefit from customized menus.

New Mothers

 Sympathy does not forget mums with children or newborn babies who will find a dedicated corner in our dining room with priority access, vegetable soups, tomato, pastina and all mod cons for our baby guests.
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